XSBack Pro 3.0 EN

Backup for XenServer

„XSBack Pro 3.0“ represents an easy and comfortable backup solution for Citrix XenServer 6.5 to 7.4.
Virtual machines can be backed up in a running state (online) and also in offline mode, without any backup agent installed on the VM itself.

Backup with facilities on board: without dedicated management PC; without backup agent software – menu-driven and/or via XenCenter

XSBack Pro 3.0 main menu

XSBack Pro 3.0 main menu

ANY installed virtual machine can be backed up – independent from the underlying operating system – no matter if the VM is Linux, a Windows server or a Windows client system (Windows 7 / 8 / 10).

The configuration of all backup parameters is done via a menu-driven config tool within the root console of the pool master. No additional client software is needed on your management PC and you don’t have to bother with the linux commandline.

Installation in only 2 steps

  • load „xsback.welcome.v30“ and run the script
  • type user name and password to install

Afterwards the setup routine transfers some script files to the host and prepares the environment for direct testing.

Functions and prerequisites

Program features „XSBack Pro 3.0“ (Standard / Advanced):

  • NEW: menu-driven configuration of all backup parameters via the pool master’s root console
  • NEW: software version/display language in GERMAN and ENGLISH; instantly switch via keystroke
  • NEW: system diagnostic tool for configuration check
  • NEW: status bar in the configuration tool for live monitoring of backups, network shares and disk space
  • NEW: XenCenter plugin with web GUI to display backup schedule (ADVANCED edition only) and system diagnostics
  • menu-driven installation routine
  • scheduled automatic backups of  any virtual machines under XenServer 6.5 to 7.4
  • Backup optionally (per VM) to local USB discs, NFS network shares oder Windows (CIFS) file shares.
  • optional automatic recovery of VMs to a selectable SR (Storage Repository) or to a different host (cross-pool)
  • Exclusion of dedicated virtual discs from the backup (Advanced edition only)
  • RSYNC of single files or folders to a network share (Advanced edition only)
  • configuration of all backup parameters via XenCenter or via configuration tool
  • monitoring of backup jobs via XenCenter or status bar in the configuration tool 
  • automatic forwarding of the backup log file via e-mail
  • logging of start time, finish time, amount of backup data and throughput of data
  • switch display language and language of log files between german and english
  • comprehensive manual with tips & tricks & best practice guides

XenCenter Web-Plugin

System requirements for „XSBack Pro“:

  • Citrix XenServer from version 6.5 to 7.4
  • pool master with connection to the internet (http / FTP) (mandatory during installation)
  • SMTP connection from pool master to mail server (prerequisite for e-mail notifications)
  • For online snapshots of a VM, sufficient disc space on the target storage must be available!  To be safe, used space should be no more than 50 to 60 percent of the volume’s capacity. This limitation is due to the LVM architecture of XenServer.


Now you want to learn more?

Just click through the following screenshots to get an impression of the look and feel & handling of „XSBack Pro“:

Image gallery: Configuration tool for „XSBack Pro“:

Pricing & Ordering

You can purchase „XSBack Pro 3.0“ in two editions: „standard“ or „advanced“. Every edition requires ONE license per pool.
International customers order via PayPal here: „XSB Pro Shop“